Introducing our brand new Development Programme, which welcomes actors aged 16-22 into the real world of theatre and screen acting. Terms One and Three: crucial workshops in key areas to help build your acting career including monologue and drama school audition prep, key practitioners every actor should know, self-tapes, professional auditions, voice work, Shakespeare, the business of being an actor, writing and directing workshops, scene study and acting through song. Term Two: A professional showcase in a London Fringe Theatre in front of industry professionals including agents, reviewers and more. Led by professionals: Actor/Producer Georgina Bennett (Sense of Place Theatre), and Writer/Director Kim Southey (Mimic Theatre).

Term One: Actor Training

Term Two: Industry Showcase

Term Three: Masterclasses

For details on how to audition, click here!

The course is structured over the academic year and entrance will be by audition only, with audition dates in July and March to begin in either September or April. Through each term, the course will teach you the tools and techniques needed to thrive in the creative industry as an actor.


Very limited spaces keep the class small, ensuring you get the most out of your training. To challenge ourselves, to step outside our comfort zones, to improve as actors, we must feel safe and secure in class. Under careful and supportive guidance our class will form a company, a safe space to explore and play and engage with new ideas and skills.


Not only are we offering a unique training programme, but the opportunity to create a community of young actors starting out in the industry. It is a very small industry, and a tough one. Mimic will foster a network of DP Alumni who can support each other, create opportunities together, and work together for their futures as actors. We always look to those ahead of us for mentorship and opportunity, but don’t ever forget to look beside you, because you and those around you are the mentors of tomorrow, and you never know what opportunities may come from the network you build right from the word go!


Kim Southey - Masterclasses & Showcase Director


Georgina Bennett - Actor training & Showcase Producer




Kim has worked extensively in the industry for over ten years, as a Director, Writer and Stage Manager. She founded Mimic Theatre Company and Mimic Stage School in 2018. Directing credits include: 30 Minutes (Theatre N16), Indignitas (Cockpit), My Recollection (Intermission), Growing Pains (RADA), The Rattlesnake's Kiss (Hen and Chickens), Bag Lady (Barons Court). As Assistant Director: Gertrude the Cry (Theatre N16), Blackhander (Theatre N16), Twelfth Night (UK Tour). Writing credits include: 30 Minutes (N16 and Intermission), Bana and Mary (Original Impact), Growing Pains (RADA), Egg-Shaped Prick (Chewboy Productions). She has also directed countless youth musicals and plays for theatre schools and in festivals around Hertfordshire.

Director Reviews:


★★★★ - 'Bag Lady' by Stephanie Manton, Actor Awareness Festival,  My Fair Theatre Goer - 2019

★★★★ - "The Frontier Trilogy" by Jethro Compton: "a credit to the admirable directors, Darren Barsby and Kim Southey". Peter McCrohon, Remotegoat.com, 2018

Director/Writer Reviews:

★★★★★ - "30 Minutes" by Kim Southey: Amazingly strong...I really liked this play." Terry Eastham, London Theatre, 2015



National Youth Theatre, Actor's Class

Georgina studied Drama at The University of Exeter before going on to train with The National Youth Theatre and The Actors Class, and has over ten years experience in the industry. Since establishing her own production company Sense of Place in 2018, Georgina has produced 2 sell out shows and is currently working toward a third production. Recent theatre credits include The Spiral path which premiered this March in London, The Wasp by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, and The 39 Steps which played to sell out audiences at The Minack Theatre. 


Represented by Carina Skinner management.

Actor Reviews:

The Stage - Georgina Bennett tackles the more emotive role of Kirsty with grace. It’s a hugely difficult pitch for any actor to make this ghost of a role convincing, but Bennett brings resonance to the role.

Producer Reviews:

★★★★ - "The Frontier Trilogy" by Jethro Compton. Peter McCrohon, Remotegoat.com, 2018

★★★★ - "An outstanding piece of theatre that will strike a chord with everyone." The Scotsman

★★★★ - "Poignant, haunting and mesmerising the Best Man is a powerful meditation on chances untaken". The Fest

★★★★ - "A head strong captivating production." Three Weeks

★★★★ - "Glyn Maxwell's Superbly written one man play coupled with Danny Swanson's vivid characterisation will have you on the edge of your seat." The List

Spotlight - https://www.spotlight.com/0459-1201-0612