Mimic Theatre Company offers tutoring to both members in the adult company, youth theatre and for any young theatre maker who is keen to develop their discipline.

Our Artistic Director Kim Southey offers tutoring in Acting, Musical Theatre, Writing and Singing. Kim also can put you in touch with other professional tutors who cater for disciplines such as: Dance (musical theatre, classical ballet, modern, tap), Singing, Screen Acting, Getting into Television (Networking).

Previous students who have tutored with Kim have gone on to receive As in their A-level Drama, or have got through auditions to further education in the arts.



Tutoring from Kim (particular discipline plus interview tips, preparation and finding monologues) 

Without hiring a space:

£30.00/hr (Regular Rate)

£26.00/hr (Mimic Member Rate)

With hiring a space:

From £38.00/hr (Regular Rate)

From £33.00/hr (Mimic Member Rate)

Tutoring from other teachers or professionals:

Amounts to be negotiated on req.