Providing feel good, thought provoking theatre for all...

Mimic Theatre Company was founded by Kim Southey in 2018. She wanted to create a theatre company where ultimately she could explore working freely with both adults and youth and find ways of bridging the gaps between.


Mimic is all about discovering who we are through the joys of theatre, enjoying our use of imagination and creativity and being ok with being ourselves. Mimic produces high quality theatre and gives regular opportunities to people of all ages. It also focuses on giving young people the opportunity to explore and gain experience not just on stage, but in all areas of theatre. Mimic believes that theatre is first and foremost about entertaining its audience, but Mimic also strives to create theatre that speaks to its audience and gives them the chance to feel part of something bigger, even in the smallest of ways.

Previous work by our founder and artistic director has included four and five star reviews:

★★★★ - Remote Goat

★★★★★ - London Theatre

★★★★ - My Fair Theatre Goer

"A credit to the admirable directors!"

"The plays boast confident direction by Kim Southey"

"...brilliantly directed by Kim Southey."

"Amazingly strong"

"I really liked this play."

“Kim Southey made such an excellent job of this.”

“None of these performances would have been possible without the brilliant Kim Southey. She has been absolutely perfect for leading this young group of actors…her influence will live on every time one of these talented young actors steps on to the stage.”

"She's one to watch."

“A powerful and moving piece with a beautiful musical ending.”